Kickoff Captain

Contest: Kickoff Captain

Worth Knowing

  • The Kickoff Captain will retrieve the tee after (1) Clemson Tigers kickoff during (1) home game.
  • Entries will be accepted online or during certain home games when representatives of Clemson’s Best™ Gourmet Ice Cream, the presenting sponsor, is in attendance.
  • A Kickoff Captain will be announced for every home game of the 2018 season.
  • Please limit (1) entry per child for each home game.

Rules and Requirements

  • Participants must be 5 to 12 years old. A university official may ask to see proof of age before entry onto the field.
  • Those who enter the Kickoff Captain contest physically must be able to complete the task required of them.
  • The Kickoff Captain will retrieve the tee from the field and return to the sidelines after (1) Tigers kickoff.
  • Contest winners and (1) parent or legal guardian are allowed on the field pregame to watch the Tigers exercise. A representative of Clemson Sports and Campus Marketing will instruct the contest winner on the task required.
  • The Kickoff Captain will be recognized during the game and given a T-shirt provided by presenting sponsor, Clemson’s Best™ Gourmet Ice Cream.

Please Note

  • Contest winners will be informed by telephone or email at least 8 days before their home game appearance. Included in that correspondence will be information on where to park and who to contact once the Kickoff Captain has arrived.
  • Game tickets are not included in the prize pack.
  • A Clemson’s Best™ Gourmet Ice Cream T-shirt is given to each winner, who is encouraged to wear it on the field.
  • By participating in this contest, the parent or legal guardian of the Kickoff Captain also agrees to receive future emails from Clemson’s Best™ Gourmet Ice Cream.
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